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Hnnnngggg I just finished Hetalia! It was one of the best anime/mangas that i've ever read/watched! I managed to developed a love for Japan, China, and England.
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I love this picture of rin <3 Anyway My dad just bought me two doujinshi 8D Both Kakuzu X Hidan. Yes Yes. Although it'll take around a month for them to ship :|
Oh well at least its not like a year right? I still have around 50 dollars left so maybe i'll buy more. This time Ulquihime doujinshi. Those are so cute! Hmmm but I do need to save up for comic con next year, plus the trip money, and the cosplay. Oh well I'm sure I can get that money back :3
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Yeah posted late. Really late like a month late. Oh well at least i'm posting. Discovered a couple new songs I like gave up on my older fanfic since i grew out of the pairing. Starting a new fan fic though DeidaraXSasori. I hope I can capture their personality's right. *insert sweat drop here*
Wish me luck!
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Oh god i'm freaking out. My mac is spazzing out on me and the little swirling beach ball thing keeps showing up. -_- Well its not too bad because it goes back to normal in about 2 minutes. But its getting really annoying. Urgh I have to study for a quiz tomorrow but I have no idea what the words are xD Man... I hate my life
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My parents want me to join the student governement for this year. -__- As if. I'll never join that nerd crew. Staying after school on fridays or lounging around at home reading manga. I choose the ladder. Ugh ima go take a nap to get rid of my massive headache.
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=w= Well i've made up a plan to get to school grab all the books for my first periods out of my locker and carry the load around to each period. Yeah I know sounds like it would be quite a chore but its surprisingly not. I only have the heavier books for the periods after lunch but it still works out all the same. If only I could remember to get my lunch money out of my locker so I don't have to open it over and over again each time forgetting what I was looking for. Mmmm well I found a secret passage way around the main hallway of the school. That means I don't have to get pushed around by the congested crowd! 8D
Yes yes I am very proud. Even though the way around is a longer walk it still takes less time then the main hallway. The main reason its hard to get around is because there's so many people trying to get from place to place and the main hallway is where they all have to cross. Yeah it sucks.
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Yea I'm not very creative am I? I just uploaded a bunch of Vocaloid songs to itunes but my I-pod touch won't work on my laptop since it was supposed to sync from my old computer. Ah well i'll figure something out. Night!

Days Off!

Sep. 9th, 2010 02:55 pm
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We get four days off for school two days after school starts! Isn't that a little abnormal... well yes and its for some kind of golf outing for the staff. Odd. Doesn't matter though I get four days off 8D Thats all I really care about. I'm happy I get to at least pretend its still summer vacation. I'll be in a good mood the next few days. Why yes Gakupo is smexy beyond belief.


Sep. 6th, 2010 09:53 pm
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Ugh I hate school and guess what... it stars tomorrow woopdedoo . (sarcasm) I have found the perfect outfit but i'm still not excited -__-;; Yeah... Ugh and I still need to work on my Fanfiction. But not that schools starting i'll only get to work on it after school. Errrr Wish me luck!


Sep. 5th, 2010 09:48 pm
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Kyaaaaaa~! I just got like 12 manga today o_o Because I had gift cards for borders. *o* Ima go read now :3
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YES YES I FINALLY GOT MY NEW HAIR CUT! And it looks epic ._. Yes I did get front bangs but the stoopid stylist did do the front part of my hair like I wanted her to. >:C But it turned out good anyway :3 School starts 2 days fron now 8C

Hair cut 8D

Sep. 3rd, 2010 01:30 pm
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I'm getting my hair cut (woot!) saturday after karate. (boo!) I'm not cutting my hair shorter only my bangs. They are now side bangs but once I get them cut they'll be front bangs :D My dad says they'll make me look younger and he's probably right but who cares i've been waiting all summer for this >:D
The fridge is still busted....
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My mom noticed this morning that our fridge wasn't working so have the stuff there is spoiled and we have to throw it out -_-;; but the freezers still working which is strange o_o Anyway I'm really mad at it right now stupid fridge...


Aug. 31st, 2010 09:03 pm
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I'm having writer's block >:T But I already have a lot of things planned for my fan fiction so its all good <3 I let my friend read my fanfiction and she didn't look laugh once! (thats what she does when she reads fanfiction) She handles pervertedness very well o_o But right now i'm really tired and I think i'll fall asleep if i type anymore.

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Well my fan fiction is coming along nice(ish). I still think i could do better but its still just my first time. I got an account on so i just can't wait to finish it and post. In case anyone wanted to know the fan fiction is BreakXAlice. Keep watching to see when i finish it!

Day mix up

Aug. 29th, 2010 08:32 pm
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Ok i'm having a issue. I can't figure out if today is the 28th or the 29th... I should figure out in a minute considering the date is added to this post. But anyway i've been trying to write a fanfiction of my own but its harder then it looks. First its hard thinking up an idea and second I can't seem to write it without feeling perverted (which is strange considering its not that bad) :|
And yes i have a picture of break this time. it doesn't mean i'm now obsessed with him i just found the picture epic
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My dad's friend took us sailing today and i steered the boat for the whole time o w o
Its actually really fun once you get used to it (although i admit its a little scary thinking you could crash into another boat if your not careful) I also got to eat fresh swordfish which was delicious. Now the only downside to this day is that my cousin still hasn't e-mailed me back after 3 days >:T


Aug. 27th, 2010 12:05 pm
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I'm in love with the song Lacie from pandora hearts. I only wish i new how to read sheet music... and play a piano. I should start learning now while i'm still young (ish)... Now I REALLY want to play it. Grrrr!
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Te-blargh! Only 2 weeks before school starts again. I'm NOT looking forward to it. Managed to get my cousin in love with death note... although she has an odd liking of the main character. o_o
I've decided to resume finding an idea for my book. Its harder then it sounds. Wish me luck!
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Grah! I'm starting to feel obsessive. Pandora hearts is my anime love right now D< I really need to clean out my desktop but i'm too lazy <3 Anyway back to pandora hearts i've been reading the manga and watching the anime and i'm totally into it. I especially love the theme song. *Sigh* I need to go eat something and start watching again. Bye bye for now everyone!
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